The Mission

Dream, Drive, Discover.

Dream. Drive. Discover. The open road is a right of passage for young and newly-passed drivers, so getting you on the road with your first car is our humble, and noble objective.

Established in 2018 and with years of experience in the motor trade, we’re taking the stress and hassle out of buying your first car. Quality cars, affordable and easy to maintain, cheap to insure, and fully safety-checked for first-time car buyers.

Buying your first car shouldn’t be a difficult process. It’s all about you, and the open road, with the freedom to dream, to get in your car and drive, and discover a brave new world. Be free to roam with My First Motor.

My 1st Motor

Why buy from us?


Perfect cars for young drivers.

With a maximum 1.2L engine size, our cars are perfect for inexperienced drivers, young adults, and newbies on the road.

Perfect cars for young drivers

Proper safety checks.

Cars from our dealers have to pass a 128-point safety check, ensuring your car is as safe as it can be, and your first driving experiences don't end badly.

Perfect cars for young drivers

Cheap to buy. Cheap to insure..

With car prices starting from just £499, and insurance no higher than Group 4, our cars are cheap to buy, cheap to run and won't break the bank.

Perfect cars for young drivers

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