Dream. Drive. Discover. The open road is a right of passage for young and newly-passed drivers, so getting you on the road with your first car is our humble, and noble objective.

Buying your first car shouldn’t be a difficult process. It’s all about you, and the open road, with the freedom to dream, to get in your car and drive, and discover a brave new world. Be free to roam with My 1st Motor.

What We Do

Established in 2018 and with years of experience in the motor trade, we’re taking the stress and hassle out of buying your first car.

Quality cars, affordable and easy to maintain, cheap to insure, and fully safety-checked for first-time car buyers.

Our Process

Ever looked online, only to be bamboozled by the vast array of cars for sale?

Or have you ever looked online, found what you thought looks like a decent car, only to do an insurance quote and it ends up costing 10x what the cars worth? Sound like a familiar story?
Here at My1stMotor we ONLY advertise cars that are insurance group 5 or below, cars that are cheap to tax/insure and maintain!
From posting your car for sale in a matter of clicks, to searching the market for your first car. We make it simple and clear. No messing around, leaving you with time to do the more important things in life!
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