So, You’ve bought from a Dealer. Congrats! Here’s Your Checklist for taking delivery of your new car.

Buying from a Dealer does bring some assurances unavailable from private sellers. It’s a great option if you’re new to car buying and want a ‘new’ or ‘approved used’ car. Usually, there is a delay between paying your deposit and receiving your car, especially if you’re having it made to your specifications. So, here’s a quick checklist for when you’re about to receive your freedom machine.

  1. Agree a delivery date for your car. Don’t expect your Dealer to deliver on the date agreed – sometimes there are understandable delays, and this can be disappointing. Once you have a date, stay in regular contact with your Dealer to make sure they stick to it, and if there are delays, they will keep you updated so you don’t take time-off work only to receive nothing on the day.
  2. Get Insurance ahead of delivery. Car insurance is your headache, so make sure you are covered before the car arrives and you sign for it. Once you sign, you are responsible and liable for any damages. Don’t assume it will be OK, and you can get insurance once the car arrives. Murphy’s law is a thing. And of course, shop around for the best deals. My1stMotor can help you get a quote for insurance! Try it – you might save a few quid!
  3. On the day of delivery,you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled. Be a stealthy ninja, ready to pounce. Before you sign:
    • a.Check over the car for any faults, scratches and scrapes. A lot can happen between the Dealer and your house. If you notice anything you think shouldn’t be there, contact the dealer immediately.
    • b.As you check the car inside and out, it’s worth noting down everything, even the smallest scratches. Run your hands across the various panels of the car, making sure they are all flush and fitted correctly.
    • c.Check the paintwork and the stitching on the seats inside.
    • d.Check the mileage – if it’s new, anything more than 25 miles or so could be a flag.
    • e.Make sure all the cars’ manuals are in the car, check for the service history booklet and the V5C vehicle registration document.
    • f.Ask about the Servicing Schedule and adhere to it – This is key to keeping your car in Warranty and will help with the resale value.
    • g.Get the lowdown on any SAT NAV systems or gadgetry so you know how it all works. Don’t hesitate to harass your Dealer about showing you how everything works.
  4. 4.Stay in touch with your Dealer for a while after you receive your car. Make sure to tell them if anything does not feel right. There’s no harm in staying in regular contact for at least a few months after receiving your car.

Be safe, be free, with My1stMotor.